• OE1A6633tuJust Dance opened our doors in 2011. We are a family and community oriented dance studio. Our Mission is to provide proper dance training in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical and Celtic, allowing students of all ages and levels to help them develop confidence, responsibility, self-discipline, and to teach the importance of team work and setting goals. Our focus is giving our dancers a strong technical foundation in dance in which they can build on year to year with visible improvements. Limited class sizes also ensure that each dancer receives proper attention.

  • Just Dance provides professional dance training in an inspirational and friendly atmosphere. Our state of the art studios are equipped with floating floors, professional sound systems, dressing rooms, ample waiting areas, and observation windows. We expect all of our students to uphold this honor and abide by all of the rules and procedures. Parents, please help us achieve "Class Act" behavior from all of our students.

  • Our faculty appreciates you choosing Just Dance to be part of your family life, and we recognize that the time spent at the studio is only one part of your busy lives. Therefore, my staff and I will do our very best to make the year a pleasant experience for all.



    All classes will be held  Monday through Thursday beginning September and concluding the second week of June with our annual spring recital.


    Attendance is important!! We understand that families are very busy and sicknesses, vacations and the like do arise. However, it is important that dancers who are participating in the program are committed to being at class during the majority of class sessions. First, it is important that all students feel comfortable with dance material and attendance allows them this opportunity. Second, excessive absences hinder the group as a whole. Third, attendance is important to the instructor when planning the curriculum and choreography. If an absence is necessary, please contact the instructor ahead of time through email or phone.


    To eliminate paperwork and to ensure information is getting to parents and guardians, Just Dance will be communicating via email and Facebook.  Please be sure you are receiving our emails (the first new-season email went out the first week of September). If you did not receive our email, please let us know ASAP.